Residential glass repair in san rafael

Residential glass repair in san rafael

Finding Glass Repair Services

Residential glass repair in San Rafael can come from many places, but only a few are going to give you the service you deserve. Following are several things to consider before you make your final choice.


A family-owned option is going to have better customer service in most cases. Additionally, there’s more latitude for negotiation should the need arise. With a commercial, nationalized option, you’ll find that procedures make it so there’s no wiggle-room should an error occur on your part or the part of the company. Without some family-owned element, the likelihood is you’ll end up losing value.


Glass repair comes in all shapes and sizes. San Francisco and the Bay Area in general have seen exceptional expansion in the last several decades. That means glass in a bevy of shapes and sizes. You want whichever option you choose to include years of experience. If you can find a service with 50 + years under its belt, then you’re likely to get more trustworthy service.

Licensing, Bonding, and Insuring

Glass can be dangerous. Installing or repairing it requires insurance for the sake of the client and the company providing the services. Additionally, the right organization is going to be licensed and bonded. On top of that, it’s not untoward to expect an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This will ensure that levels of service are exceptionally high. The BBB won’t mete out such a rating unless products are qualitative, and customer service is as well. You should also expect workmanship warranties that are complete as well as services catering to both residential and commercial customers.

An Option You Can Trust

Dotto Glass, Inc. serves San Rafael and the surrounding area. Their benefits include:

  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Service
  • Continuous Operation Since 1964
  • Family-Owned Services
  • An A+ Rating with the BBB
  • Complete Workmanship Warranties

There are a lot of choices which could render glass repair services in the Bay Area, but some of the most recommendable commercial and residential glass repair in San Rafael comes from Dotto Glass, Inc. Call them for an appraisal today at (415) 479-1274.